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Surly Bikes, Parts, Accessories & Clothing - New Zealand

Cycletech NZ are the proud distributors of Surly Bikes, Parts, Accessories & Clothing for New Zealand. Fat Bikes, Touring Bikes, Commuting Bikes and Trail Bikes including the Pugsley, Moonlander, Krampus, Long Haul Trucker, Disc Trucker, ECR, Pacer & many more are either held in stock in New Zealand or are available via special order. Surly single speed cogs, Mr. Whirly cranks, Singleator chain tensioners, chainrings, Monkey Nuts, Fat Bike rims & tyres and much more are all held in stock at our New Zealand warehouse. Surly t-shirts, hoodies, caps and merino casual clothing are also in stock in a great range of colors & sizes.


To order any Surly complete bike, frame, parts, accessories or clothing contact your nearest Surly dealer.


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